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Consumer Resource Guide

The Consumer Resource Guide Image

The ultimate international real estate handbook. The Consumer Resource Guide is a must-read for all folks pursuing international property ownership. Download Here >>

Belize Country Handbook

Belize Handbook

You’ve been hearing about Belize as a top destination for traveling and owning real estate. Get the scoop on why this country is at the top of the charts, and everything else you need to know. Download Here >>

Precious Teakwood What you Need to Know Handbook

Teakwood Cover

A comprehensive overview about one of the top alternative real estate ownership options available right now, teak. Here’s the 411 about why the top 1% has been owning farmland for centuries. Download Here >>

Nicaragua Handbook

Nicaragua Handbook

Nicaragua has been touted as the land of opportunity. In the path of progress, this country has been a popular spot for investors looking for significant appreciation. Download Here  >>


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