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International Real Estate Referral Program by ECI Development

Be The International Expert Your Clients Need

11.6% of North Americans want to own real estate internationally. A few of your family, friends or existing clients may even come to mind right now.

The International Real Estate Referral Program offers you the unique chance to:

  1. Join an exclusive group of internationally-minded experts;
  2. Become an international real estate expert;
  3. Connect your circle with outbound properties that best fit their goals and earn considerable fees for doing so.

Since we aim to deliver tools and resources that suit your needs, lifestyle and client goals, you can choose from three tiers of membership with the International Real Estate Referral Program.

As an ECI Referral Partner, get ready to earn between 2-5% of the purchase price for each one of your clients that purchases an ECI property.

The program is EASY, FREE and full of REWARDS for both you and your clients.

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Mike Cobb Image

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

At the height of a successful career in the computer industry, Mr. Cobb left to pursue more pioneering opportunities in the emerging real estate markets of Central America. In 1996, he and his business partner formed a company, Exotic Caye International, to provide loans to North Americans purchasing properties in Belize, Honduras and throughout the region. As the need for capital outstripped the supply, the mortgage company was converted to an international bank under the jurisdiction of Belize. It continues to provide mortgage services, but has expanded its services to encompass the full realm of financial products.

Mr. Cobb also saw the need for a regional real estate company that would serve the Baby Boomer consumer with a North American standard product for the next 2 decades. He led the group into real estate development and created a holding company for several properties including a resort on Ambergris Caye, Belize. In August of 2000, Exotic Caye purchased 3.5 miles of Pacific Beachfront property due west of Managua, Nicaragua.

Mike Cobb has spoken at hundreds of international conferences about real estate financing and development. He has acted as a consultant to The Oxford Club, and gives counsel to various real estate projects throughout Central America. From 2002 to 2017, Mike, his wife Carol, and 2 daughters, Amanda and Emily made their home in Managua, Nicaragua.


VP of Sales

With a background in biology and Spanish, and an original intent of continuing onto Medical School, Rachel Jensen’s life took a 180 degree turn after her first medical mission trip to Nicaragua.

Ms. Jensen joined the ECI Development team in 2012, starting as the organization’s marketing intern at the administrative offices in Managua, Nicaragua. At the end of her 3-month internship period, she had to make a decision between accepting a full-time position with ECI, or chasing her dreams in Panama with the US Peace Corps. She ultimately chose ECI Development. Originally from the suburbs of New York, Ms. Jensen now calls San Pedro, Belize home.

Today, Ms. Jensen is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for ECI Development, a regional development company based throughout Latin America in Costa Rica, Belize, Panama and Nicaragua. From the ground up, she has built and grown the sales and marketing department at the Grand Baymen community. Due to her strong passion of connecting folks with international real estate that meets their goals, she was awarded Sales Person of the Year for 2014, 2015 and 2016. In addition, Ms. Jensen structured the Teak for Residency Program in both Panama and Nicaragua to assist those looking to pair up a residency with alternative options outside of their home countries.

Ms. Jensen is a resident of Panama and thoroughly enjoys the Latin American lifestyle. She is often on the road educating folks at international events about the markets and opportunities abroad.

In 2017, Ms. Jensen was invited to be a founding member of the Rotaract Club of Ambergris Caye and was recently elected for the club’s Director of Professional Development. Furthermore, Ms. Jensen is the co-founder of a bi-annual women’s retreat, “5 Days to Freedom,” helping guide women towards financial, spiritual and international freedom.


Sales & Marketing Manager

Ivan Levy joins the team as the Sales & Marketing Manager for ECI Development; bringing with him several years of experience working in the hospitality industry & several high-end resorts in Belize. Over the past few years, Ivan has served in management and director positions with top tier properties in Belize which gave him the opportunity to fall in love with the tourism world and fostered a deep passion for growing the Hospitality Industry and Tourism sector of his home country, Belize.

Ivan has worked with several resorts and rental properties in Belize to design, implement & establish new marketing and operations strategies as well as introduce & launch new product lines and small or medium-sized resort properties. Ivan has a proven track record of growing sales & rental revenue year over year, retaining existing partners and customers through tailored outreach and collaboration on sales & promotions, as well as increasing and managing sales pipelines totaling upwards of US$10M per year.

Ivan is fluent in Spanish & English and hopes to become fluent in Portuguese, Hindi, Russian and French one day. When not researching the next big thing in the digital marketing world, Ivan enjoys reading Dan Brown novels, tinkering with web development and practicing some yoga.

Referral Program Liaison

Ally began her professional career as an elementary school teacher in Texas where she helped grow and shape young minds for over 10 years. Her tenure included many awards and recognitions for the dedication and support she provided to her students from many diverse and challenged backgrounds.

In November 2017, she moved with her husband to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye after a brief trip to the island only a few months before. Her love of the warm Caribbean waters, friendly people and rich culture immediately made her feel at home.

As Mrs. Rodriguez’s knowledge of the community and market grew, she found herself as the marketing manager for various businesses on the island where she discovered her desire to deliver information to tourists and locals alike, eventually connecting her with ECI Development.

In May 2019, the adventurous soul held by both her and her husband couldn’t be contained and led them to become permanent residents of Belize.

She officially joined the ECI team in August 2019 as the International Real Estate Referral Program Liaison. Through this role, she began educating agents across the United States and Canada on ways to empower themselves in the global market. Through presentations, marketing tools, and relevant information, the program has grown and is thriving.