Marketing: Set Your Expectations Correctly To Succeed

Have you ever wondered why that social media campaign you launched with a $100-dollar picture, nice text, and perfect length only received 3 likes and no visits to your blog?

Or the personalized email campaign you sent out right after the event but didn’t receive any emails back?

Well, you are not alone, my friend… and you don’t need to be discouraged by the silence you just received. There might not be anything wrong with your social media post or the way you spelled your subject line.

What might be wrong is your expectation of that campaign’s results.

Think about an experienced sailor. He knows those big waves hitting the ship won’t make it sink. He knows that as he gets through each wave, he is one wave closer to reaching a safe port. Meanwhile, if most of us were in the sailor’s position, we would feel more and more uneasy by the second.

So, “straighten up little soldier!”, this one “no” is getting you closer to a “yes”, and here’s why.

Personalizing your Connection with your client

Let me bring you insight. Today’s marketing and sales landscape has changed drastically, and quickly, over the years. With the introduction of the internet, blogging, social media, and a variety of digital communications channels, the path to purchase is not a simple, straight line, but a complex and varied web of twists and turns – and touchpoints.

Think of this, all the communication channels actually look like a buckle of watercolors spinning at a thousand miles per hour; even if you have a sharp look, you might not be able to distinguish all the different color lines until you see only a gray shaded single color.

What makes the difference between your message and the rest? Two main factors.

1) Relevance
First, make sure that your outlet’s message is clear, tailored, and specific to the audience that you are targeting. Make sure you understand the lifestyle traditions, language, taxonomies, and their likes and dislikes so your messages will be directed and felt by your audience.

2) Persistence and Consistency
Here is where the most fail. I have seen large companies with really nice content, an unbeatable business proposition, and a great plan fail. Here’s why. The first campaign goes out, a couple of days later, the second, a few days later the third… and then… silence. They stop pushing forward, and you think there might be something wrong with the campaign, it’s content or the product… when actually, they are halfway through the “opening barrage”.

How to make your marketing message stand out?

It takes 6 to 10 touches to generate a viable sales lead. More humbly put, expect 8 to 12 times to actually have the minimal response. Relate this to a share, a click-through, or a cold “send me more info” email response. “Bingo!”

This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see some leads from the first push, but it is more likely after you show up a few times in front of your followers or contacts that you will start getting a consistent number of leads.

That said, relevance, persistence, and consistency will lead you to success.

Thinking about how you’re going to generate content for those 6 to 10 campaigns? Well, you’re in luck.

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