We Are Still in Love with Email Marketing

Someone said: “True love stories never have endings”. Each day this becomes more validated when it comes to email marketing. Let’s explore how.

Dating » Proposal » Marriage = Love Story, or in the case of email marketing, repeat customers and referrals, the basis to building a solid business.

Some things are made to last forever, like corks for wine and champagne bottles, and of course diamonds. Things that turn into a classic or outstanding example of a particular style; something of lasting worth that has a timeless quality; of the first or highest degree, class, or rank. It denotes a particular quality in art, architecture, literature, design, technology, or other cultural artifacts, activities or behaviors.


One of the things that have become a classic is “email messaging”, or “email marketing” if you prefer. Yes, no surprise here. Email is a special conversation between two people. I know, I know, it could be more than two people, but can we please keep it to two people and maintain the loving atmosphere here, please and thank you?!

Furthermore, it is not about email marketing itself, but what this type of communication means for the addressee. Due to components like formalities, kindness, privacy, a direct channel, and personalized attention, a tailored message will have a more profound impact than a general advertisement.

Think about a time when you were shopping online and left an item in your cart. Whether you changed your mind or decided to hold onto it for later, you didn’t purchase it. What great e-commerce sites will do is send you an email saying, “Hey you forgot something!”, with the image of that item you left behind. Maybe they’ll send a reminder a few days later to keep it at the front of your mind. This tailored reminder will have a greater impact on your purchasing decision than a general Facebook ad about one of their other products. It is tailored, personalized and specific to you. You can accomplish the same impact on your email marketing strategy by nurturing your clients along the buyer’s journey and learn about their interests and goals.

Email communication can be an extremely effective way to deliver the information you want to share. At the beginning of your client’s buyer’s journey, you’ll send newsletters, informative blogs and articles and perhaps even whitepapers. As you analyze open rates, click rates, and response rates, you’ll be able to craft emails that are open to a lot more customization.

Perhaps you are a Los Angeles real estate agent, and a new client walks through your door. They have no idea where in L.A. they want to be, but you know their requirements: a great school, a spacious backyard, pool, etc. You’ll be able to narrow in on what areas make sense for your client and send them properties that fit their description. You may already be doing this, and if you are that is amazing.

If you successfully navigate your clients move through this journey, they’ll end up at the engagement rate — eg. open rates, click rates and response rates of email messages. As you nurture your leads with more specific information responses will be higher than the general email messages sent to contacts in an earlier stage of the buyer’s journey, such as newsletters and informative content.

Don’t get me wrong, all sorts of email communication, including the ones in the early stages like newsletters, do have higher levels of engagement than other generic methods of marketing communication.

The Proposal

But at the end of the day, the goal is for everything to circle back around and lead to “The Proposal”. In order to be successful, stay aware of the importance of email marketing and keep in mind and comply with these Rules of Real Estate Email Marketing:

Make a Good First Impression

Present yourself as a genuine person, not just in real estate but in any field. Always keep to your values and show yourself as personable, professional, and as someone who is easy to work with. Also, identify what makes your value proposition unique, what makes you unique to work with.

Always Include a Call to Action

Any dialogue we establish, besides containing a relevant and personalized message to the reader should ALWAYS include a clear “Call to Action” (CTA). This lets the reader know what the next step is that you want them to take. This could be in the form of a link, a button, or just a line about how they can schedule a phone call with you to learn more information. It can also be a link to a landing page where they can read additional details, an invitation to connect with you via social media, or by contacting with you at a given email address.

Educate Your Readers

Even if the content of your email is about a business proposal or an offer, do always back it up with educational information that is relative to the topic. Your readers will be thankful. To make this step easier, you can include one or two paragraphs plus an image that could be an info graphic or a chart where you provide a particular highlight feature of the topic you are referring to.

Make Your Emails Entertaining

More than likely, the people you are selling to don’t work in real estate nor do they have many relations to the real estate business. Be sure to avoid using too many technical terms in your email messages. Always try to keep your email in the simplest language you can, but if you do use some industry terms, add brief explanations for them. This avoids your email coming across as dull or confusing to the reader.

Another thing to avoid is getting too involved or going off on tangents when it comes to real estate facts and metrics; for example like median price per square foot, interest rates, etc.

Instead, spice up your newsletter by adding fun facts, reviews of new local restaurants, charities or local events you participate in, holiday greetings, etc.. This is a great opportunity to warm up the dialogue with your contacts and to share with them what you are passionate about, and also to let them see how awesome you truly are.

Avoid Selling Your Services

There is no faster way to end the communication with your contact than pushing for a sale too quickly or constantly. This also applies to social media. So STOP bombarding folks with purely sales written material. Be sure to include invitations to open houses and promote new and recently sold listings. Do try to keep the main focus of your emails to educating and entertaining first.

The Marriage

Get Personal Even After the Closing

The last thing most people who have closed on their home want to read about is generic real estate information. Avoid sending former clients your regular newsletter or general buyer and seller emails. Send them more personalized emails that are spread much further apart to stay in the forefront of their mind, like congratulating them on the anniversary of their move, or checking to see how things are going, or sending holiday and birthday greetings to let them know that they mean more to you than just a paycheck. Another important thing to share with them is useful information like local updates of new hardware and furniture stores in their area, restaurants, and housekeeping tips.

Always remember, it’s about the customer… so keep it personalized, relevant and genuine.


Fun fact:

It is said that the phase of the moon influences the number of SPAM complaints:

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